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Spray Pad Practitioner Training Program

Remember running through the backyard sprinkler as kids? How fun it was playing in the summer sun? It was simple and so entertaining back then, part of an active lifestyle. In the 90s, the idea of the sprinkler came to life in a whole new way when the recreation world started to include spray pads, sometimes called splash pads. Since that time, the spray pad has become the most requested piece of park equipment in North America. New urban areas and existing alike want this type of equipment in their community.

With this increasing demand are you prepared to deal with the choices (and possibly trade-offs) that will need to be made when dealing with the installation of this type of equipment? Once through or recirculated, type of features required, type of surface, materials, location, understanding the context of the Health Act, responsibilities of owners, and water treatment and testing, all these options, questions and the need for a basic understanding of operations come to light with the installation of a spray pad.

The course will cover: 

  • Design philosophy
  • Considerations for construction
  • Water treatment and testing
  • Flow through, re-circulation and retain and reuse systems
  • Equipment (ie. pumps, strainers, UV)
  • Inspections (daily, pre-opening,  pre-season)
  • Signage
  • Winterizing
  • Ministry Guidelines

Upon successful completion of this program participants will receive a certificate indicating that they have received basic operations awareness training as it pertains to spray pads. 

This course is worth 2 credits towards your Parks Practitioner Designation

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Want to host this session? 

For this session we require a classroom large enough to accommodate 20 people and has access to a large table for equipment display, whiteboard, computer, projector and screen. a projector and screen available. The classroom needs to be near an active spray pad (preferably an operating circulated pad).  Please provide pictures of your facility so we can confirm if the site will suit our instructors needs.  

Instructed by: 

Scott Bowron
For more information, please send an email, referencing the course title, to training@ontarioparksassociation.ca
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