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  • 25 Aug 2017
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  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent



NOTE: This position requires a Career Profile application form (this application form can be founder at the bottom of our job ad under municipal jobs at www.chatham-kent.ca) and resume. 

Job Description: The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has an opening for a permanent full-time Horticultural Technician with Parks & Open Spaces. The Horticultural Technician is responsible for planting care and maintenance of the plant material including annuals, perennials and landscaped areas.

Chatham Parks and Horticulture: The Chatham Parks District oversees 90 active and passive parkland areas totalling 127 hectares (565 acres) of parkland and open space. The parks division encompasses 88 parks with playground equipment, 20 ball fields, 14 soccer fields, 1 dog park, 1 beach area, 2 tennis court facilities and 2 major attraction splash pad areas. The parks division also oversees the management of Marine Park in Mitchell’s Bay and assists with community facilitated parkland areas including Paint Court and Grande Pointe. Planting over 4.1 acres of gardens/landscaped areas with 1,600 annuals per year. The Community of Chatham-Kent Situated between two beautiful, fresh water lakes, Chatham-Kent is home to a rich, colourful landscape which creates a wonderful backdrop for our unique towns and welcoming communities. You can live the dream without breaking the bank; with housing prices a fraction of those in comparative locations. For example, in 2016, an average home sold for $729,922 in Toronto, $297,480 in London and only $163,276 here in Chatham-Kent. Our large geography, great climate and abundance of natural amenities ensure that there are activities for people of all ages and interests. Internationally known for our heritage and culture, and a variety of attractions and festivals that dot the calendar year long, it is little wonder that people from both near and far choose Chatham-Kent as their place to call “home”. We invite you to join us, and experience firsthand what it means to be Living CK.

Core Values for the Municipality of Chatham-Ken

  • Respect/Equity
  • Trust/Honesty/Integrity
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication 
  • Safety 
Essential responsibilities: 
  • Landscaping and designing annual beds (floral displays)
  • Organize planting of annuals and perennials throughout Chatham according to planting plans and locations 
  • Plant and maintain public beds and gardens throughout Community of Chatham's parks and buildings 
  • Maintain inventory of hanging baskets and other materials needed 
  • Maintenance of 401 sign beds at Tilbury, Duart and Bloomfield Business Park 
  • Operate a 1-ton dump truck and a front end loader 
  • Perform minor repairs and servicing on small equipment 
  • Perform semi-skilled functions such as minor plumbing, painting & routine building maintenance, cleaning 
  • Investigate, resolve and backup to Supervisor on customer complaints 
  • Prepare correspondence and research as required 
  • Assist with directing and scheduling of eleven (11) summer students, including organizing crews for bed preparation, weeding, edging, rootling, watering, pruning, mulching, etc. 
  • Assists with park related duties pertaining to collection and disposal of waste from parks; pick up litter from buildings and park areas; sweep, wash, paint, repair and clean buildings and park amenities; tree trimming and removals
Essential Qualifications: Ability to demonstrate Chatham-Kent’s Core Values and Competencies through a combination of education and experience: 
  • Post-secondary education resulting in a Horticultural Technician diploma, with related experience; or an equivalent of related education and experience
  • Experience in landscape and annual bed designs (floral displays) 
  • Parks related experience, tractors, chippers, aerators 
  • Knowledge of / experience with small equipment maintenance and repairs 
  • Knowledge of / experience with basic painting, plumbing, building maintenance, & carpentry skills 
  • Experience in operating a front-end loader 
  • Working knowledge of ACRs (Active Citizen Request software) 
  • Strong computer skills, specifically Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) (or other similar software program) 
  • All employees will be required to complete their Health & Safety and other on-line mandatory training on or before their first day of employment; other training (including Health & Safety policies) may also be required 
Other qualifications:  
  • Experience using the following equipment an asset: trowel; sidewalk weeder; Dutch hoe; fan rake; hand rake; manual edger; leaf blower; rototiller; string trimmer; pruners; loppers; shears 
  • Proficient in researching an asset 
Required Certifications, memberships, licenses: 
  • Land Class 1 pesticide license 
  • Chainsaw Certification 
  • Standard First Aid/CPR
Work Environment: This position will work both indoors and outdoors.

Hours of Work: This position works weekday and weekend hours only if required. 

Driver’s license/vehicle requirements: Because of the responsibilities, this position requires the successful candidate to have a valid (class G) Ontario driver’s licence; a driver’s abstract will be conducted by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Note: DZ license would be an asset. 

Police check requirements: Because of the environment this position will be working in, the successful candidate will be required to furnish an original Police Information Search (criminal reference check) (working with vulnerable persons) prior to commencement of employment. 

Occupational Safety Responsibilities: The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) clearly articulates worker responsibilities (reference Sections 28 of the OHSA and Safety Policy #HS-001, “Individual Responsibilities”). The following list of responsibilities is designed to identify some of the primary responsibilities. It does not provide the exhaustive list of legislated responsibilities: 

Workers shall: 

  • Comply with the OHSA and applicable Safety Regulations 
  • Use or wear the equipment, protective devices or clothing required by the employer 
  • Report any defects in any equipment or protective device of which the worker is aware and which may endanger himself, herself or another worker 
  • Report any contravention of the OHSA or Regulation or the existence of any hazard of which he or she is aware to his or her supervisor 
  • Not operate equipment/machinery without being given the proper instruction and authority 
  • Not remove or make ineffective any protective device required by the regulations or by his or her employer, without providing an adequate temporary protective device and when the need for removing or making ineffective the protective device has ceased, the protective device shall be replaced immediately 
  • Not use or operate any equipment, machine, device or thing or work in a manner that may endanger himself, herself or any other worker 
  • Not engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct 
  • Actively participate in worker safety education
Essential physical and/or safety requirements: 
  • Due to the responsibilities of this position, the candidate must be physically fit and reliable 
  • Must wear: 
    • work gloves 
    • safety glasses and ear plugs when running rototiller, string trimmer, leaf blower o safety boots 
    • safety vest 
  • Requires a hard hat in addition to the above when trimming trees 
  • Work outside in extreme heat conditions 
  • Bending: frequent stooping, twisting, kneeling, crouching, squatting (flower bed maintenance, weeding, planting) 
  • Walking: frequent walking on level surface, rough surface (maintenance of flower beds including pulling weeds, watering beds and hanging baskets) 
  • Reaching: frequent reaching above shoulder, below shoulder, forward, handling (maintenance of flower beds) 
  • Lifting: frequent lifting floor to waist, waist to shoulder, at shoulder, above shoulder, carrying (4.05 kgs to 22.73 kgs or 10 to 50 lbs) (loading tools and equipment onto trucks; handling of plant trays within greenhouse; loading plant trays onto trucks; putting up hanging baskets) 
  • Hands: frequent fine finger dexterity (movement), gripping, pinching (pinching back plant material; handling pruners, shears, lopers; transplanting seedlings) 

Other physical and/or safety requirements: 

  • Walking: infrequent running (maintenance of flower beds including pulling weeds, watering beds and hanging baskets) 
  • Sitting: occasional sitting in vehicle seat (operating equipment/ driving vehicles) 
  • Reaching: infrequent reaching backward (maintenance of flower beds) 
  • Lifting: infrequent lifting overhead, transferring, pushing at or above shoulder, pushing below shoulder, pulling at or above shoulder, pulling below shoulder, dragging, throwing (4.05 kgs to 22.73 kgs or 10 to 50 lbs) (loading tools and equipment onto trucks; handling of plant trays within greenhouse; loading plant trays onto trucks; putting up hanging baskets) 
  • Standing: infrequent standing inside, outside 
  • Climbing: infrequent climbing ladders, stairs (blower maintenance for greenhouse roof; hanging basket maintenance) 

Compensation: This permanent full-time union position has an hourly wage rate of $19.41 to $24.27, plus health & dental benefits following the successful completion of a probationary period, as per CUPE 12.1 (2016 - 2020) collective agreement, as may be amended from time to time. 

Applying: Candidates interested in the above position are asked to submit our Career Profile application form and a resume to the email address below. Please do not include a cover letter, or copies of transcripts, licenses, certificates, etc. 

What we look for in the application form and resume: Detailed information in the boxes provided under each question in the career profile application form where you have answered ‘yes’. Your resume should provide the same detailed information. In both documents, list under each employer the following: (1) the job titles (2) dates you were in each position (3) a summary of the job duties/ skills/experiences you gained in each position. The same information needs to be in both the career profile application form and the resume. Please be sure to check the box beside yes or no for each question asked in the career profile application form. 

Attachments: Please send attachments in a Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe (.pdf) format only. Attachments must be attached directly to your email; we are not able to download documents from an internet site. 

Applications must be received before 4:30 p.m., Friday, August 25, 2017: 

Municipality of Chatham-Kent 

Attn. Cathy J. E. Hoffman, MPA, CHRL Chief Human Resource Officer 

315 King Street West P.O. Box 640

Chatham ON N7M 5K8 

Fax: 519.436.3237 

Email address: Ckresume@chatham-kent.ca (preferred) 

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is an equal opportunity employer, committed to fair and accessible employment practices that attract and retain talented employees. Should you require accommodations during the recruitment process, please contact Human Resources & Organizational Development (HROD) at 519-360-1998 or ckhr@chatham-kent.ca. Applicant information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy legislation and will be used strictly for the purpose of candidate selection. We thank all candidates in advance; however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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