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The Ontario Parks Association began partnering with the New Zealand Recreation Association to participate in the Yardstick Parkcheck Benchmarking project in 2012.

Yardstick is a qualitative and quantitative benchmarking system owned and operated collaboratively through partnerships with international industry organisations. Parks and Facility Managers developed Yardstick for the industry as a benchmarking tool to collect management and planning information to measure current performance and drive future improvements.

With over 120 member organisations worldwide Yardstick has arrived in Canada, with members currently residing in Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, Strathcona, Lethbridge and St Albert). With the newly created partnership between Ontario Parks Association and the NZ Recreation Association this service can now be provided to industry organisations in Ontario.

Participation in the Yardstick project will assist you in responding in a positive manner to any and all of the following issues:

  • How do you know you are doing a good job?
  • Is your organisation performing satisfactorily and are you on a path of future improvement?
  • Do you need a means of supporting an argument for additional resources, or some way of justifying investment in asset management practices?
  • Are you meeting the expectations of your parks users or is there a gap between expectation and satisfaction? Do you need to understand these service levels better?
  • Do you have the appropriate plans and policy in place to manage your parks and their assets for the long term? If not, are you struggling to get support to achieve these targets?
  • Are the engineers, public works and transportation departments in your organisation, better resourced and more informed about their assets than you? As a result do they seem to get better treatment through the budget cycle?

Ontario Parks Association is encouraging organisations to subscribe and participate in this project. A project brochure is available at http://www.yardstickglobal.org/projects_parkcheck. The Management Measures component of the project commences in March annually with the final benchmarked report including the Canada specific category published in July each year.

Should you wish to join the project or find out more information please contact either Paul Ronan paul@ontarioparksassociation.ca or project manager Chris Rutherford chris@yardstickglobal.org

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