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Protecting Tomorrow Today®

Paul Ronan

I am married with two daughters, and so proud to be a grandfather of two young boys. I have spent my whole career involved in both private & public service. 

Having grown up on a farm north of Toronto,  I learned at a young age the value of hard work, the importance of community, and working in balance with nature.

I love the outdoors and sports. After playing professional hockey as a goaltender, I became a licensed carpenter. Although my passion for woodworking and construction remains, I stayed true to my roots and have served the Parks sector for over 30 years.  Twenty eight years with the City of Toronto, rising through the ranks to Parks Director, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in how parks, forestry and recreation programs are delivered.

Currently as the Executive Director of the Ontario Parks Association, I provide province wide leadership in advocating OPA’s mandate of “Protecting Tomorrow Today”.  I work closely with Landscape Ontario as a Professional Development Liaison and in my spare time I manage to teach Landscape Construction and Horticulture skills at Humber College. I represent OPA on the National Parks working group with the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association where green infrastructure policies and innovation are being developed and reviewed with a national perspective.  I am a member of the CSA Technical Standards Committee and am a Board Member with the Ontario Trails Council. Teaching about Living Green Infrastructure is my passion.

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