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OPA takes great pride in partnering with other organizations to continue to spread awareness and work toward Protecting Tomorrow Today®. This page lists some of the upcoming events or programs these partners are hosting.

Trees for Life Project Recruitment
Details of the Opportunity:

  1. Growing Canada’s Forests Program (GCF) is seeking a few organizations that demonstrate proven capacity to deliver tree planting programs, meeting their criteria requirements, to get trees planted in 2021.
  2. One of the key components is 50% cost sharing with NRCan. Any cost sharing by our partners would be appreciated, but is not a mandatory requirement.
  3. T4L is seeking land to plant and partners who can work with us in getting trees planted in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Both our hard earned tax dollars and the very gracious funding of our committed supporters demand the best stewardship of the funds.
  4. Opportunities for planting will be for Spring and Fall 2021. We will review project proposals and can work with partners to determine costs, source stock, and coordinate planting operations.
  5. Native trees are the focus, but non-native species will be allowed in some situations. Shrubs are not eligible for project funding.
  6. If planting can’t be carried out by the partner, it can be arranged by T4L.
Click here to download the flyer and learn more about this exciting initiative! Application deadline is March 25th.

Canada's Year of the Garden 2022

What is the Year of the Garden 2022?

  • national celebration of our Canadian garden culture
  • An umbrella marketing campaign to promote and amplify what and how members of the Garden Family contribute to the health and quality of life of Canadians and to the sustainability of our communities and Canada.
  • Grow a healthy and sustainable future during the Year of the Garden 2022 and establish a vital legacy for the following years.

Why 2022: Centennial anniversary of the Canadian Nurseries Landscape Association (CNLA) and also the centennial of the Canadian Horticultural Council.

For a more detailed presentation on the Year of the Garden 2022 project we are working on please visit the following link: https://gardenscanada.ca/year-of-the-garden/

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