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"Good mix of classroom setting and demonstrations on the ball diamond - the instructor encouraged discussion and did not cut off discussion in order to save time"

"Well organized and structural"

"Great course - probably the best use of time and presentation in the OPA courses I've taken so far!"

"Excellent speaker/instructor ~ Vic presents information in a way that keeps things interesting"

"Great one day course!"


"Another great course from OPA!"

"I recommend this course for all those operating a chipper"

"Very helpful information that will allow us to do the job safely and effectively"

"Thank-you, I learned a lot by taking this!" 

"I really enjoyed this workshop"

"Instructor had good knowledge and was able to answer all of our questions!"

"The information provided will help me with my work in the future"

"Great job!"


"I have taken 4 other Chainsaw courses (not OPA related) and not one of them went into this great of detail ~ I'm impressed!!"

"Very knowledgeable instructor, his experience was a great benefit"

"Would like to have another day to learn but there was a ton of knowledge taught in the 1 day session"

"Instructor was excellent, very hands on & interactive"

"Found the teachers knowledge, experience and teaching skills very understanding of the use of the chainsaw, safety maintenance and different ways to cut - a great teacher!"

"In regards to safety, after taking this course I learned that I was using the Chainsaw and polesaw unsafely ~ now I know what needs to corrected to keep me safe"

"The course was beyond my expectations"

"Loved the hands on stuff"

"This is one of the best courses I've taken - Bob Smith is an excellent instructor"

"All material taught can be applied to everyday use in the parks system"

"Instructor was calm, direct, and knowledgeable"

"The instructor is very thorough and knows his stuff! I'll be taking this course again!"


    "I had such a great time I wish it was longer!"

    "I am glad we did the refresher training to correct the bad habits I had picked up"

    "Wish we could of had an extra day - it was great!"

    "Good to know that the instructor keeps himself up to date on what he is teaching and applies current up to date knowledge in his practices too!"

      "Good amount of material covered in a half day course"

      "Instructor is personable and did a great job!"

      "Wish it was a full day course!"

      "I will take this information and apply it to my work"

      "Great range of material covered"

      "Enjoyable and productive, the right amount of information is provided for the timing"
      "Steve is a knowledgeable and confident presenter"

      "The half day in class was perfect followed by an enjoyable field portion to better understand what was taught in the classroom ~ A fantastic one day course!"

      "Great course ~ lots of good information delivered"

      "The course was perfect"

      "Thanks! Great presentations!"

      "I was very glad to be a part of this course ~ wish it was a bit longer"

      "Material was well covered, emphasis on main points repeated. Well done!"

      "Great job, I'm really happy I participated
      Thanks!  - I am sure it will help advance my career in the parks department"

      "The instructors have a great amount of personal experience & stories that they apply to the course which keeps you engaged"

      "Instructor was very comfortable and changed up teaching methods to keep it interesting"

      "Well put together"

      "Great introduction to playgrounds"

      "The instructor was excellent"

      "Great course"

      "Glad that OPA delivers a one day course for those who may not require the full week course to learn the basics"


      "A lot of information, but a very good course"

      "Peter is a great knowledgeable instructor!"

      "Very informative and covered all aspects"

      "Peter does a good job to keep people involved"

      "Very impressive, the daily guest speakers are a perfect addition to the course"

      "A really interesting course"

      "Great job - thanks for all of the knowledge"

      "Applicable examples and useful interactions of participation is had throughout the day"

      "Instructors do a great job explaining and showing how to use the equipment"

      "Gives enough background information about each piece of equipment to feel comfortable"

      "The course really helped me today as a seasonal student  - I feel more confident in using the equipment"

      "Great group of instructors - they all have a lot of experience and answer all of your questions"

      "Enjoyed learning in a supportive environment"

      "I learned so much! Our trainers were great and made me feel more confident"

      "Everyone was interactive and fun! Thanks for coming to our location!"

      "I encourage other municipalities to use this course to train their staff - what a fun and enjoyable way of learning each piece of equipment that you use throughout the season"

      "The practical and theory allowed a thorough understanding of the material taught"

      "The field visits to look at actual splash pads are a great addition to the course"

      "Good information that will help our municipality with our first splash pad install"

      "I thought it was great! Lots of interaction and experience sharing made it a great course"

      "The information was delivered well!" 

      "Scott is very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic"

      "Excellent coverage of topics, maintenance and design processes"

      "Great discussions in a group format, hands on activities were perfect additions, and we went on a site visit ~ this course has a lot to offer!"


      "It was an excellent course!"

      "Well done, our instructor (Zane) was interesting and definitely has a passion for trails"

      "Covered all areas very well"

      "Zane is knowledgeable, engaging & passionate in what he is teaching"

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