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Personal Image Matters

23 Dec 2019 8:58 AM | Keely Powley (Administrator)

A lot of employers hand out uniforms to their staff, be it a hat, shirt or full outfit. But staff often choose not to wear them. Why do employers care how you look when digging in a garden or riding on a mower?

One reason for uniforms is safety. If you wear loose clothing, it could get tangled in your equipment. If you wear clothes that expose your skin without sunscreen, you could get a serious sunburn. If you wear shorts in grassy or wooded areas you could be exposed to poison ivy, giant hogweed or ticks. Wearing your uniform will help protect you from these potential hazards in the workplace.

The biggest reason for your employer to assign a uniform is to enhance your organization's image. Think of your favourite sports team. You probably thought of them in their jersey and gear right? Now picture a trip to a hardware store like Home Depot - how would you recognize an employee? The bright orange apron, of course! 

Uniforms in the workplace help you look like you are part of a team, and make you easily recognized by the public. This helps bring a professional image to your role and organization as a whole. Make sure you keep your uniform clean and well maintained so you like the amazing professional you are!

Along with your assigned uniform, remember to always wear a smile and a good attitude when at work. Your body language says just as much as your clothes! 

It takes just 7 seconds for a stranger to make a judgement based on how you look. When working in a park, what judgement do you want the public to make about your or your organization?  


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